Huggingtape is the brand name of TapeFamily Business Unit @ Dashing Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The support from us to worldwide adhesive tape companies is not only industrial tape itself, but also with passion and warm heart just like the power of a hug to people. Our pleasure to provide professional service & products to you enthusiastically.

What does HUGGINGTAPE produce? 

We produce & provide top electrical insulation tapes, masking tapes, cable mica tapes, etc. 

For insulating:

# UL approval Class H glass cloth tape (glass fabric tape) with silicone;

# UL approval Class F glass cloth tape (glass fabric tape) with acrylic;

# UL approval Class B glass cloth tape (glass fabric tape) with rubber;

# UL approval Class F polyester tape (mylar tape likely) with acrylic;

# UL approval Class F filament tape (oil transformer insulation) with acrylic;

# Sticky Class H polyimide tape (kapton tape likely) with silicone.

For masking - Silicone series for high temperature powder coating masking:

# 220℃ green polyester masking tape;

# 220℃ dark blue polyester masking tape;

# 220℃ red polyester masking tape;

# 220℃ transparent clear polyester masking tape;

# 268℃ amber polyimide masking tape;

# 280℃ white glass cloth masking tape.

For masking - Rubber and acrylic series for painting masking from 80℃ to 160℃:

# Crepe paper painting masking tape;

# Japanese yellow rice (washi paper) construction masking tape;

# UV-resistant painters tape;

# Silicone rubber self-fusing masking tape.

For masking - Masking film series for painting masking from 80℃ to 150℃:

# HDPF static painting masking film connected with paper tapes and cotton tapes;

# Kraft paper static painting masking film connected with paper tapes and cotton tapes.

For masking - Silicone / Rubber parts (caps&plugs) and tape dispensers:

# Glad to introduce super good producers of silicone/rubber parts and tape dispensers to you.

For flame retardant cable & flame resistabt cable (power cable, optical fiber cable, data cable, signal cable, etc):

# Own patented ceramic mica tape (phlogophite mica tape, muscovite tape);

# Own patented ceramic fiberglass tape;

# Super performance mica tape (phlogophite mica tape, muscovite tape).

What can HUGGINGTAPE help you?

We’re not big-sized, but deeply involved in production of tapes to offer aggressive price with low profit to grow with partners. With our professional & reliable value-transfer service, you’ll get:

# Right & top quality tapes to your projects and be competitive in your market;

# More profits for your team;

# VIP customer service;

# Fast feedback for any questions in 24 hours;

# Sourcing consultant of tapes made in China.

HUGGINGTAPE is working at integrating nationwide adhesive tape resource to provide a 1-stop service of tapes & tape cutting machine & sourcing consultant. All is based on great service & satisfied product & limited profit margin price & quick delivery to help you source industrial tapes in China with less cost & less energy. Your success, our success. 

Welcome to visit our productions in China, open communication is for you via: 

Our Products

Adhesive tapes for insulating, masking, splicing, construction, etc.

Silicone glass cloth tape (Class H);

Rubber glass cloth tape (Class B);

Acrylic glass cloth tape (Class F);

Arcylic filament tape (Class F);

Double sided glass cloth tape;

Filament tape (Class F, fiberglass reinforced polyester tape);

Ceramic Mica tape to cable;

Ceramic Fiberglass tape to cable.

Polyester tape;

Mylar tape;

Crepe paper tape;

Kraft paper tape;

Washi tape;

PVC tape;

Polyimide tape;

Aramid paper tape.

Product Applications

Electrical Insulation to motor, oil transformer, dry transformer, generator, coil;

Oil transformer wrapping and insulation;

Flame retardant and flame resistant protection to Flame retardant cables;

Electronics masking protection;

Powder coating masking;

Painting masking;

Sand blasting masking;

Plasma spraying masking;

Construction masking;

Paper splicing;

Film splicing.

Our Certificates


Production Markets

Asia, Europe, South America, North America, etc.

Our service

A Reliable Adhesive Tape Provider from China with 14 years experience, helps you import industrial tape top efficiently.