0.175mm Filament Tape With Higher Tensile Strength And Peeling Force To PS30 From Huggingtape

0.175mm Filament Tape With Higher Tensile Strength And Peeling Force To PS30 From Huggingtape

Comparing with TFFILA-170430R-AR, this item is of thicker thickness, stronger tensile strength and peeling force. Better alternative to PS30. Acrylic coated glass fiber filament reinforced polyester film tape for Class F electrical insulation. Good choice to OIL transformers especially. Well alternative to overseas filament tape PS30 from Huggingtape China.

Product Details

1. Product Description

TFFILA-PS3017545R-AR (right choice to be the alternative filament tape to PS30)

Glassfiber filament reinforced polyester film coated on one side with high quality acrylic adhesive. Widely used for holding applications where a high tensile strength and a good thermal resistance are required. Good choice to be used to OIL TRANSFORMER wrapping as Class F electrical insulating material.

It is of good thermal resist, outstanding tensile strength, high tack, strong adhesion strength, great resistance to solvents, oil and chemicals.

2. Application

Used for heavy-duty holding, banding, bundling, anchoring and reinforcing applications;

Out wrapping, tabbing and anchoring leads of electrical transformers, coils, etc.;

Priority choice to Oil transformer.

3. Advantage

   Great value with high tack, peeling force and adhesion strength;

   Oil and chemical resistant;

   Reasonable price to distributors and end users;

   Guaranteed lead time;

   Professional customer service.

4. Technical Data






Transparent Clear

Base Material

Glass Filament Reinforced Polyester Film (0.105mm)


Acrylic (0.070mm)

Total Thickness



50M ±0.5m (Standard)


1000mm ±0.2mm

Adhesion Strength at 90∘ on Steel

       17N/25mm (Average)

Tensile Strength

≥1375N/25mm (adjustable)

Holding Power

≥24 Hours



Dielectric Breakdown


Temperature Resistance

Class F (180℃ for short time)

5Storage Condition

Keep in dry and clean place, under normal temperature at 15℃~30℃, 65%RH. 

Shelf life is 12 months after production date.


Sample: free sample for small rolls, freight collect.

MOQ: no MOQ.

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