0.17mm Filament Tape For Insulation

0.17mm Filament Tape For Insulation

Acrylic coated glass fiber filament reinforced polyester film tape for Class F electrical insulation. Good choice to OIL transformers especially. Well alternative to overseas filament tapes from Huggingtape China, which is nearly exported at 1 million square meter annually.

Product Details

1. Product Description


Glassfiber filament reinforced polyester film coated on one side with high quality acrylic adhesive. Widely used for holding applications where a high tensile strength and a good thermal resistance are required. Good choice to be used to OIL TRANSFORMER wrapping as Class F electrical insulating material.

It is of good thermal resist, outstanding tensile strength, high tack, strong adhesion strength, great resistance to solvents, oil and chemicals.

2. Application

Used for heavy-duty holding, banding, bundling, anchoring and reinforcing applications;

Out wrapping, tabbing and anchoring leads of electrical transformers, coils, etc.;

Priority choice to Oil transformer.

3. Advantage

   Great value with high tack, peeling force and adhesion strength;

   Oil and chemical resistant;

   Reasonable price to distributors and end users;

   Guaranteed lead time;

   Professional customer service.

4. Technical Data






Transparent Clear

Base Material

Glass Filament Reinforced Polyester Film (0.100mm)


Acrylic (0.070mm)

Total Thickness



50M ±0.5m (Standard)


1000mm ±0.2mm

Adhesion Strength at 90∘ on Steel

       15N/25mm (Average)

Tensile Strength

≥800N/25mm (adjustable)

Holding Power

≥24 Hours



Dielectric Breakdown


Temperature Resistance

Class F (180℃ for short time)

5Storage Condition

Keep in dry and clean place, under normal temperature at 15℃~30℃, 65%RH. 

Shelf life is 12 months after production date.


Sample: free sample for small rolls, freight collect.

MOQ: no MOQ.

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