3 Grades Of Polyimide Tapes From Huggingtape

- Feb 06, 2020-

3 grades of Polyimide Tapes from Huggingtape

In our past 15 export years of Polyimide Tape, in order to meet different requirements from worldwide distributors of Polyimide Tape (PI Tape) in industries of Masking & Electronics Production & Electrical Insulation, we Huggingtape provide a full set of the following Polyimide Tapes to meet different applications. (1) Non-UL approval PI Tape to High-Temperature Coating Masking. (2) UL approval PI Tape to Electronics with Biaxially Stretched Polyimide Film. (3) UL approval PI Tape to Electrical Insulation with Cast Polyimide Film.


Benefits to customers when purchasing our PI Tapes: (1) Super quality at reasonable competitive prices to help partners earn more. (2) Short lead time in 1-2 weeks for hundreds of log rolls order. (3) Service beyond your expectations. Welcome to visit our factory.

Contact robin@huggingtape.com and 0086 138 1822 4559 for more details.