A Popular White Fiberglass Tape With UL For Class H Electrical Insulation

- Feb 13, 2020-

Glass cloth tape, silicone, white, 

for Class H Electrical Insulation 

to Transformer, Motor, Generator, etc.

This Sample of White Silicone Glass Cloth Tape (silicone fiberglass tape) is popular to many more worldwide professional adhesive converters & distributors, because of the following features:

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(1) Stable super quality guaranteed by UL510 approval & flame retardant. (2) Reasonable price to help converters & distributors earn more money while cooperating with us. (3) Flexible lead time. (4) 1-stop service from us that not only provide such silicone tape, but also supply UL510 approval Acrylic Glass Cloth Tape & Rubber Glass Cloth Tape. Other UL approval electrical and electronics tapes are also available, such as Acetate Cloth Tape, Polyimide Tape, Aramid Tape, Polyester Tape, Mica Tape, etc. (5) VIP service from our team. Get and try it from or 0086 138 1822 4559, glad to provide valuable service to you.