Advaced Mica Tape With Glassfiber For Cable

- Apr 08, 2020-

An Advanced Mica Tape 

with Glassfiber for Flame Retardant Cables

Huggingtape China is glad to introduce an advanced #Mica Tape with glass fiber to cable material distributors and flame resistant cable producers.


In the current market, there are many traditional Phlogopite Mica Tapes, they're mostly used to 750C standard. Ours is unique with the following factors:

(1) Pass IEC60331-21:1999, 1 layer replaces 2 layers of common mica tapes, 2 layers replace 3-4 layers of common mica tapes. Help customers cost down on total cost and save working hours. At present, such mica tape is provided to Prysmian, LG and other end customers.

(2) Widely used as a super quality mica material to cable industry as super flame resistant material to wrap the conductive core of various flame retardant cables, working fine enough for 850℃/3hours/1000V perfectly, passing IEC60331-21:1999, as better phlogopite mica tape.

(3) Its voltage resistance is quite good,even 2KV for some cases. We coat it at low speed to have glue performed well enough. Using 48kg of this tape works same as the usage of 100kg of common mica tapes.

Its price is also amazing enough to such great mica tape.

Welcome to ask for sample from or 0086 138 1822 4559, you'll find its strong performance easily after fire testing.