Advanced Washi Tape (rice Tape) For Construction Masking From Huggingtape

- Mar 27, 2020-

Advanced Washi Tape (Rice Tape) 

for construction masking with 14 anti-UV days from Huggingtape

Huggingtape is glad to introduce this Advanced Washi Tape to the worldwide market for indoor and outdoor construction masking.

Its key feature is that it works well to most surfaces (like metal, wood, PVC, plastic, rough wall, etc.). Other features are as below:

Advanced water base glue.

14 days UV for clean removal.

Enables sharp and clean paint edges, even on slight curves.

Good and stable quality for 2 years of storage.

advanced yellow washi tape rice tape for construction with 14 anti-uv days from

General specs is as following for your reference.

Adhesive Type: water base glue

Backing Material: rice paper

Thickness(um): 105±10 


Adh. to steel(N/inch): 2.0-4.0

Tensile Strength(N/inch): 80±5

Elongation(%): 3-5

Heat Resistant(℃): 120 (0.5hour)

It is a popular washi masking tape to the overseas market, please contact and 0086 1381822 4559 for more details.