Application And Characteristics Of Aluminum Foil

- Oct 11, 2019-

Aluminum foil is actually a metal aluminum directly rolled into thin sheets of hot stamping material, its hot stamping effect and pure silver foil hot stamping effect, it is also known as false silver foil. And aluminum foil is made of high-quality aluminum materials, using advanced technology, so it is widely used.

Because the quality of the aluminum foil is soft and ductile, has a series of advantages such as airtight and good envelopment, and it also has a silver luster, if the calendered sheet, with sodium silicate and other materials mounted on the offset paper made of aluminum foil, can also be printed. Another aluminum foil or aluminum processing industry of high value-added niche product, it industry has developed rapidly, the market scale and the production of strong growth for years, because of its excellent application in the field of thermal conductivity, recycling performance, so many departments in the national economy and people get extensive application in daily life, but now it is mainly used for packaging, electrical and mechanical aspects of application and building got great development. In addition to its extensive application, aluminum foil has the following characteristics:

(1) aluminum foil is a kind of non-toxic packaging materials, it can be in direct contact with food without any risk to human health.

(2) aluminum foil is an opaque packaging material, so it plays a good role in protecting products exposed to sunlight.

(3) aluminum foil has high hardness and tensile strength, but its tear strength is small, so it is easy to tear.

(4) the surface of aluminum foil is extremely clean, hygienic, and no bacteria or microorganisms can grow on the surface. Moreover, aluminum foil itself is an odorless packaging product, which will not make the packaged food or products have any odor.

(5) aluminum foil is non-volatile, food packaged with it will never dry or shrink, and no matter in the high or low temperature environment, aluminum foil will not have oil infiltration phenomenon.

(6) aluminum foil has a good plasticity, so it can be used for packaging products of various shapes, but also can create any shape container.

(7) in addition, aluminum foil should not contact with other heavy metals, which may cause adverse reactions.