What Cable Tapes HUGGINGTAPE/ROBINXU Supplies Besides The Masking Tapes & The Electrical Insulation Tapes?

- Jan 28, 2020-

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HUGGINGTAPE is working at integrating nationwide adhesive tape resources to provide a 1-stop service of tapes & tape cutting machine & sourcing consultant. All is based on great service & satisfied product & limited profit margin price & quick delivery to help you source industrial tapes in China with less cost & less energy. 

Besides our Masking Tapes & Insulation Tapes, we also produce & export Super Unique Cable Tapes with better performance but cost down.

For flame retardant cable productions:

@ Own patented ceramic mica tape (to replace phlogopite mica tape & muscovite tape); @ Own patented ceramic fiberglass tape;

@ Super performance mica tape (Provide to the ones who prefer to use the traditional mica tape but asks for better performance than their common mica tapes).

ceramic mica tape from huggingtape robinxu for linkedin

ceramic fiberglass tape


Key feature of our cable tapes:

@ 1 layer of our tapes works as well as 2 layers of traditional mica tapes. @ The cables with our Ceramic Mica Tapes pass the Cable Fire Test BS6387CWZ (950℃/3hours/1000V) perfectly. Welcome to visit our factory. Just read https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/ceramic-coated-and-galss-cloth-reinforced-phlogopite-mica-tape/?viewAsMember=true or https://www.tapefamily.com/flame-retardant-tape/ & Email to or call 0086 138 1822 4559 for deep communication.

All cooperation with us is based on great service & satisfying product; limited profit margin price & quick delivery to help source industrial tapes in China with less cost.

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