Data Of Ceramic Mica Tape And Fiberglass Tape To Flame Resistant Cable

- Nov 20, 2019-

Data of

Ceramic Mica Tape & Fiberglass Tape

to Flame Resistant Cable

Re: Some data of our ceramic mica tape and ceramic fiberglass tape to flame resistant cables.

To pass cable fire test of BS6387CWZ, use our ceramic mica tape TFGPC014-SC and ceramic fiberglass tape TFGC012-SC.

1 layer of our tapes work as well as 2 layers of traditional mica tapes and traditional fiberglass tapes. Thin thickness available for keeping current cable production lines.

Each point one by one accumulated helps our cable tapes act of great performance and be unique.

1. Voltage resistance: our super mica tape without ceramic TFGP012-SC at 1.9KV-2KV VS common GP in market at 1.1KV-1.3KV.

2. Coating speed: our 4m/minute VS other producers' 12m/minute.

3. Glue content: our 15%-20% VS other producers' 5%, so our tapes are soft.

4. Overlap rate: Our super mica tape without ceramic TFGC012-SC is 28%-30%, our ceramic mica tape TFGPC014-SC is 48%.

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