Characteristics Of Synthetic Mica Belt

- Dec 24, 2018-

Synthetic mica is an artificial mica with fluorine ions instead of hydroxyl group, which is synthesized in large size and complete crystal type under normal pressure conditions. Synthetic Mica belt is a synthetic mica copy made of mica paper as the main material, and then with adhesives to paste the glass cloth on one or both sides with Mica belt machine made. Paste the glass cloth on the mica paper side is called "single-sided belt", both sides are pasted called "double-sided belt."

In the manufacturing process, several structural layers are glued together, then dried through the stove, then rolled, and then cut into different specifications of the tape.

In addition to the characteristics of natural mica belt, synthetic mica belt is: small expansion coefficient, large dielectric strength, high resistivity and uniform dielectric constant, its main characteristics are high heat resistance grade, can reach a class fire resistance level (95.011 million ℃)

Synthetic Mica belt temperature resistance is greater than 1000 ℃, thickness range in 0.08~0.15mm, the maximum supply width of 920mm. A. Three in one: This product is two sides with glass cloth and polyester film, the middle of the powder mica paper.

Using amine boride-epoxy resin as adhesive, by bonding baking, cutting into a ribbon insulating material; B. Double-sided Synthetic mica belt: Synthetic mica paper as the substrate, glass fiber cloth as a double-sided reinforcement material, with silicone adhesive bonding, is the manufacture of refractory wire and cable The most ideal material of choice.

Fire resistance is the best, recommended for the use of key projects. C. Single-sided synthetic mica belt: The synthesis of mica paper as the substrate, with fiberglass cloth as a single-sided reinforcement material, is the most ideal material for the manufacture of refractory wire and cable.

Good refractory performance, recommended for the use of key projects.