Crazy Shipment In China

- Dec 31, 2020-

At the corner of this year 2020, and before the Chinese New Year Holiday (Feb.11-17), sorry to share that it's hard to get a container in China.

As the production capacity of many countries is not recovering, China has become the center of the world's factories in a short time. Orders from Southeast Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India have been transferred to China. As a result, the number of goods shipped from China has surged.

In China, the speed of container circulation has slowed down, freight rates are skyrocketing and a container is hard to find. Sometimes the truck driver who comes to pick up the container will even return without success.

It is predicted that the shortage of containers will continue at least until the 1st half of the next year 2021. Export companies and freight forwarders in China will continue to bear cost pressures for a period of time, while upstream shipping companies and container manufacturers will have some dividends.

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