Fiberglass Tape Effect?​Glass Tape Can Be Used In This Place.

- Dec 24, 2018-

Although the glass gum is very unremarkable, it is the most frequent use of accessories in the process of home furnishings, such as bonding cabinet counter and kitchen wall, fixed basin and toilet and other operations, to use it. Some consumers because they do not understand the performance of glass glue, often casually "come to two bottles", regardless of the bonding material are using the same glass glue. In fact, different conditions apply to different properties of glass glue.

If the use of the wrong glass glue, will lead to plastic strip fracture, mold, and even the window leakage, table leakage and other troubles, therefore, consumers should be in accordance with the specific use of the purchase of glass glue. The glass glue commonly used in home furnishings is divided into two types according to performance: Neutral glass glue and acidic glass glue. Many people because they do not understand the performance of glass glue, easy to put neutral glass glue and acidic glass glue with the reverse. A longtime glass glue sales personnel told reporters that this is the current home furnishings in the use of glass glue the biggest problem.

Customers often do not say the use, said "come to two bottles", in fact, the gap between the middle is quite large.

Home furnishings generally use glass glue places are: Wooden line back dumb mouth, sanitary ware, toilet, bathroom makeup mirror, wash pool and wall gap, and so on, these places to use different properties of glass glue. Neutral Glass adhesive adhesion is weak, generally used in the back of the bathroom mirror these do not need a strong adhesion of the place.

Neutral glass glue used in the home installation is more, mainly because it does not corrode objects, and acidic glass glue is generally used in the back of the wooden line of the mute mouth, adhesion is very strong.

Glass Glue applications: Repair dry slab walls, gypsum board seams, cracks in various walls and other wall breakage. The use of glass glue is also very important: must be mildew proof. For example, a lot of glass glue used in the bathroom, the bathroom is already very humid, easy to mold, so glass glue must be mildew proof. General glass glue on the bottle will be explained, must be seen.

In addition, some poor quality glass glue simply does not have such a function, so it is important to recognize when purchasing.