Glass Cloth Tape Use Sharing

- Dec 24, 2018-

Glass fiber Tape is what it is neither glass nor fiber, but it is a kind of tape.

Fiberglass tape is the most heat-resistant and resilient in textile products and can effectively absorb electrical insulating paint and resins. In terms of composition, it uses high-strength fiberglass yarn or cloth as the reinforcement material, pet film (OPP film) as the back material, pressure-sensitive adhesive as the adhesive, through the process treatment, coating. Glass fiber tape passed the environmental test.

Extremely high tension strength, with a high degree of wear resistance and moisture resistance, can meet the needs of a variety of different industries. A fabric woven from glass fibers (see inorganic fibers) with glass cloth tape. With insulation, insulation, corrosion resistance, non-combustion, high temperature resistance, high strength and other properties, mainly used as insulation materials, FRP reinforced materials, chemical filtration cloth, high-pressure steam insulation glass cloth materials, fire products, high elastic transmission belt, building materials and stickers and wall cloth. Glass crisp, thicker glass fiber weaving easy to break, so generally used to weave glass cloth fiber diameter of 3.8~15.5 micron. Glass fiber can be made of growth silk and staple fiber yarn. Filament is the raw material used for high temperature melting spray wire, and the general synthetic fiber filament spinning similar; short fiber is to make the melt flow through the nozzle, and then by compressed air or high-pressure steam jet blowing a fine pull, and then through bundles, add, joint stock into glass staple fiber yarn. The weaving method of glass cloth is the same as that of general cotton fabric.

Usually made of resin and other coated fabrics, but also can be made of paint, such as printed glass cloth.