Glass Cloth Tapes To Wire Harness Insulation

- Nov 12, 2019-

Glass Cloth Tapes to Wire Harness Insulation

Q: Where else to use our Class H electrical insulation glass cloth tape besides Motor? A: Wire Harness.

Generally, Class H glass cloth tape for electrical insulation is used while it needs flame retardant and high temperature resistant as well as super insulation.

For example, our UL approval glass cloth tape TFGSCT-236-SC is also used to wrap the wires that would be fixed to different white electrical appliances (White Goods), such as Electric Cooker, Electric Kettle, Washing Machine, Dust Collector, Dishwasher, etc.

This picture shows how the white glass cloth tape is wrapped to wire.

wire harness

We Huggingtape supplies full set of UL approval glass cloth tapes as below, contact us to get further introduction.

Class H: silicone TFGSCT-236-SC;

Class F: acrylic TFGSCT-233-AR;

Class B: rubber TFGSCT-231-RB.

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