What Masking Materials HUGGINGTAPE/ROBINXU Supplies?

- Jan 14, 2020-

Your success, our success.

HUGGINGTAPE is working at integrating nationwide masking tape resources to provide a 1-stop service of tapes & tape machine & sourcing consultant. All is based on great service & satisfied product & limited profit margin price & quick delivery to help source industrial tapes in China with less cost & less energy.

For masking:

1. Silicone series for high-temperature powder coating masking:

@ 220℃ green polyester masking tape / dark blue polyester masking tape / red polyester masking tape / transparent polyester masking tape; @ 268℃ amber polyimide masking tape; @ 280℃ white glass cloth masking tape.


2. Rubber and acrylic series for painting masking at 80℃ to 160℃:

@ Crepe paper painting masking tape; @ Japanese yellow rice (washi paper) construction masking tape; @ UV-resistant painters tape; @ Silicone rubber self-fusing masking tape.


3. Masking film & Masking paper for painting masking from 80℃ to 150℃:

@ HDPF static painting masking film connected with paper tapes and cotton tapes;

@ Kraft paper static painting masking film connected with paper tapes and cotton tapes.

4. Glad to introduce super producers of silicone rubber parts & tape dispensers, cutting machines.

For more details, please visit our weblinks below, contact robin@huggingtape.com and 0086 138 1822 4559, glad to discuss masking materials with you.



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