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- Nov 13, 2019-

Application of Ceramic Mica Tape and Ceramic Fiberglass Tape from Huggingtape

Applications of Ceramic Mica Tape TFGPC014-SC / Super TFGP012-SC / Common GP (from other suppliers in the worldwide market) / TFGC012-SC:

Generally, 1 layer of our tapes work as well as 2 layers of traditional mica tapes, but keep great performance of insulation, flame resistant and flame retardant to kinds of cables.

  1. TFGPC014-SC: ceramic mica tape from us Huggingtape, only choice to help power cables pass Test BS6387CWZ and BS8491CWZ at 950C/1000V/3Hours.

  2. Super TFGP012-SC: our super quality phlogopite mica tape, Better choice to replace the common GP to pass Test IEC by 1 layer (840C).

  3. Common GP: the mica tapes that markets supply and sell now.

  4. TFGC012-SC: our ceramic fiberglass tape, use for Optical Cable / Data Cable to replace common mica tape, acting as great flame retardant material to wrap conductive metal. Because TFGC doesn't drop mica powder to cable's conductive core while firing.

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