Mica Tapes That Huggingtape Supplies To Cable

- Nov 12, 2019-

Mica tapes that Huggingtape supplies to cable

Q: Cable Tapes that Huggingtape supplies: A: Huggingtape proudces and supplies unique cable tapes that are special in the market, new and of great performance for making better cables.

1. Ceramic Mica Tape TFGPC012-SC: fire resistant, 950C/3hours/1000V, BS6387C.W.Z., 1 layer replaces 2+ layers of traditional mica tapes, replace Muscovite Tape and Phlogopite Tape.

2. Super Mica Tape TFGP014-SC: fire resistant, 830C/3hours/1000V, IEC60331-21, 1 layer replaces 2 layers of traditional mica tape, replace the traditional Phlogopite Tape.

3. Ceramic Fiberglass Tape TFGC012-SC: real fire retardant, halogen free, low smoke, non-flammability, non-bundled-burning, replace the Mica Tapes in Optical Cable, Data Cable, replace the common Fiberglass Tape in Power Cable.


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We'll introduce more in the following news pages. Contact and discuss with us more about such special cable tapes.



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