Micatape To Powercable Opticalcable Datacable

- Nov 14, 2019-

As Cable Producers,

Why to choose our new generation

ceramic mica tape and ceamic fiberglass tape

Re: The key attractive benefits for cable plants to use our Ceramic Mica Tape TFGPC / Super Mica Tape TFGP / Ceramic Fiberglass Tape TFGC.

On the basis of the great performance of our 3 series of mica tapes and fiberglass tape, and the advantage that 1 layer of our tapes replaces 2 layers of traditional tapes, 2 layers of ours replaces 3+ layers of traditional tapes.

Cable producers would get:

1. Cost down on mica by kg (about 100kg from others VS 60kg of ours), on whole cable materials, on logistics, on warehousing space, on workforce cost, on inventory cost.

2. Have better performance of cable on electrical insulation / flame resistant / flame retardant.

3. Have better cable design to be more competitive to get more business to them.

As producer of such special tapes, we're glad to provide free sample for your tape lab test and cable fire test. You would find amazing performance just like other producers feedback to us, such as LS Cable, Prysmian Cable, Evertop Cable, etc.  

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