Monthly Summary Of April 2019 By Huggingtape Of Tapefamily

- May 07, 2019-

In the past April, we Huggingtape of Tapefamily works on more qualified tape supply, including following adhesive tapes.


1.   Advanced 2mil green polyester masking tape (TFPET5085KCG-SC) to high temperature powder coating masking, it works well to 220°C for 30minutes on steel panel with no residue, also its adhesion strength is stronger than the cheap tapes.



2.   Flame retardant acrylic coated glass cloth tape for Class H electrical insulation, which is specially designed to flame retardant projects while using ordinary acrylic glass cloth tapes.



3.   High quality glass filament reinforced polyester film tape with acrylic (TFFILA-170430R-AR) to Class F electrical insulation, with high tack, high tensile strength, well resistance to oil, chemical, and solvents. It is used well to outer wrapping to oil transformer, coils, etc.



To marketing and sales:


1.   We set new showcase pages of Acrylic Glass Cloth Tapes on LinkedIn.


2.   Our acrylic glass cloth tape (TFGSCT-233-AR) is accepted by more customers in Europe with new orders.


3.   Our Ceramic Coated Glass Cloth Reinforced Phlogopite Tape (TFGPC0.14-SC) to flame retardant cable and Ceramic Coated Fiberglass Tape (TFGC0.12-SC) to flame retardant cable are exported to Korea at 20 tons in April. Another 20 ton order is produced now.



4.   Our Mica Tape to Cable and Low Smoke Fiberglass Tape to Cable are still going to be tested by more customers in Europe.



5.   Our high temperature polyester powder coating masking tape and stick polyimide tape to SMT, electronics and electrical insulation are introduced to many more distributors and converters in USA and Europe.



6.   Our TF Sourcing Service is going on with some companies.


7.   We had some nice meetings with overseas companies in China for future cooperation on electrical insulation tapes and masking tapes.


In May, we will pay much more attention on marketing of mica tape, masking tape and electrical insulation tape. Hope to bring long term values to our customers and partners that contains high quality products, reasonable prices, professional service, open industry info sharing, etc.


Huggingtape of Tapefamily has been keeping keen eyesights on high quality material supply from China.


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