Monthly Summary Of Mar. 2019 By Huggingtape Of Tapefamily

- Apr 02, 2019-

In the past March, we Huggingtape of Tapefamily works on more qualified tape supply, including following adhesive tapes.


1.   0.16mm Black glass cloth tape for class H electrical insulation


2. 0.16mm Double sided glass cloth tape for SMT assembly with yellow color

(this tape will be loaded to website in April as another choice )


3. 7N/inch Polyimide tape with silicone adhesive (0.025mm film and 0.035mm silicone)

(this tape will be loaded to website in April, it is different from the cheap polyamide tape from China, whose adhesion strength is usually about 5N/inch)


4. Tape related dispensers and cutting machines

We also have good contacts with other cutting machine producers for your easy comparing


5.  UL approval acrylic glass cloth tape to Class F electrical insulation



To marketing, we set new showcase pages on LinkedIn as below.


1. Low smoke Ceramic coated fiberglass tape to flame retardant cable

2. Ceramic coated and glass cloth reinforced phlogopite mica tape to flame retardant cable


Meanwhile, CWIEME/Shanghai Expo was held from Mar. 26 to 28, we also visited this expo, welcome to open exchange on fiberglass sleeving tube.


Huggingtape of Tapefamily is keeping eyesights on material supply from China.


In future, we will introduce more ARAMID PAPER TAPES and NOMEX TAPES to worldwide market. Welcome your discussions.



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