Monthly Summary Of May 2019 By Huggingtape Of Tapefamily

- Jun 10, 2019-

Monthly Summary of May 2019

by Huggingtape of Tapefamily


In the past May, we Huggingtape of Tapefamily spent much time on improving some tapes as below for some quite special projects.


1. Improve tensile strength and adhesion strength of filament tape to meet requirements of some quite special projects.



2. Have updated version of flame retardant acrylic glass cloth tape to special overseas projects.


To marketing, we are going to use EDM in June as further marketing tool to get our super qualified tapes known by more potential companies.


Meanwhile, APFE2019/Shanghai Expo will be held from June 12 to 14, we will visit this expo, have meetings with producers, customers on spot.


Huggingtape of Tapefamily is keeping keen eyesights on material supply from China.


Call us at 0086 138 1822 4559 freely, or email us to or Our SNS accounts are all available, including whatsapp at 0086 138 1822 4559, and skype with robinxutape.