Promotion Of Polyester Tape For Powder Coating Masking

- Jan 21, 2019-

At the very beginning of new year 2019, along with our websites are up to line, we TapeFamily kindly bring the first promotion of our Polyester Tape for Powder Coating Masking to worldwide customers. Such promotion will be valid till Mar.31, 2019.

We will provide 1 free log to you for each 20 log rolls.

Additionally, we will provide 5 logs of 1mil polyimide tape as free to you when your order value is more than USD5000 for 1 shipment.

As our linkage says, so many green PET masking tape supplies from China, TapeFamily focuses on more specials than others.

1stly, we provide multicolor, including green, dark green, blue, red, yellow, transparent, etc.

2ndly, we not only provide log rolls at widths of 500mm, 1000mm, but also provide special 1280mm.

3ndly, we can also laminate 1280mm fluoride release liner to such PET masking tapes.

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