New Overseas Project Is Evaluating Our Rubber Acetate Cloth Tape & White Silicone Glass Cloth Tape

- Feb 27, 2020-

Try our Rubber Acetate Cloth Tape & Silicone Glass Cloth Tape 

like this overseas company prefers

rubber acetate cloth tape and silicone glass cloth tape to electrical insulation from

Dear readers,

In the above picture, do you know which one is Silicone Glass Cloth Tape to Class H Electrical Insulation, please? & Which one is Rubber Acetate Cloth Tape to Class A Electrical Insulation, please?

Yes, you're right. A is Rubber Acetate Cloth Tape, and B is UL approval Silicone Glass Cloth Tape. Manufacturers of transformers, wires, motors, generators, and electric appliances use such 2 electrical insulation tapes quite a lot. Our worldwide distributors compare quite many similar tapes from different suppliers, but finally prefer to import from us by the reason of QUALITY/PRICE/SERVICE. Plastic core and paper core with or without your logo are all available for firm orders.

Free samples are ready for you, please contact and 0086 138 1822 4559 for more help.

Thanks for your reading.