Websites Go Up Line

- Jan 21, 2019-

TapeFamily's websites are finally up and running at the beginning of Jan. 2019.

In order to help worldwide customers read our websites easily, we have made different language websites. is our official English website. and are our multilingual websites.

We TapeFamily help overseas customers source and export various adhesive tapes from China. Including silicone glass cloth tape, rubber glass cloth tape, acrylic glass cloth tape, mylar tape, fiberglass flame retardant tape, aramid paper tape, polyester powder coating masking tape, crepe paper painting masking tape, UV resistant paper tape, polyimide tape, kraft splicing tape, film polyester tape, etc.

We are going to add 1 new product each month in our tape list, in the hope of introducing more trustable and worthy-trying adhesive tapes to worldwide customers who want to get tapes from China easily and professionally.

Thanks for your visit and welcome your contacts.