What Can Insulation Tape Be Used For

- Sep 21, 2019-

Insulation tape is more common in electrical work, circuit work often contact with the circuit, the use of insulation tape is to prevent the construction personnel in the construction of electric shock, so in electrical work insulation tape is indispensable.

The wiring head in the circuit is the most prone to leakage hazard in the circuit, the insulation tape is generally wrapped circuit wiring head circuit joint is not exposed outside, reduce the probability of the joint part and the outside contact plays a role in circuit protection.

Insulation tape has the characteristics of fire retardant, insulation tape wound on the circuit joint, when the circuit connection heating insulation tape will not melt, play a role in preventing leakage.

When buying insulating tape, you should also read the instructions on the packaging. Each type of insulating tape can withstand different voltages. This point of attention must be known in advance before we use it.