What Does Huggingtape And Robin XU Supply

- Aug 14, 2020-

What does HUGGINGTAPE Robin XU supply in the worldwide adhesive tape business?

Thank you for spending 3 minutes reading this introduction. We wish Huggingtape/Robin XU helps you when you need the support of Adhesive Tapes from China someday.


HUGGINGTAPE is the brand name of TapeFamily Business Unit @ Dashing Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ROBINXU is the Adhesive Tape Business Supplier in Huggingtape with nearly 15 years of the tape export experience to worldwide markets.

The support from us to worldwide adhesive tape companies is not only the industrial tape itself but also with passion and warm heart just like the power of a hug to people. Our pleasure to provide professional service & products to you enthusiastically.

What can HUGGINGTAPE/ROBINXU help you?

HUGGINGTAPE is working at integrating nationwide adhesive tape resources to provide a 1-stop service of tapes & tape cutting machine & sourcing consultant. All is based on great service & satisfied product & limited profit margin price & quick delivery to help you source industrial tapes in China with less cost & less energy. Your success, our success. 

We’re not big-sized, but deeply involved in the production of tapes to offer aggressive prices with low profit to grow with partners. With our professional & reliable value-transfer service, you’ll get:

@ Right & top-quality tapes to your projects and be competitive in your market; @ More profits for your team; @ VIP customer service; @ Fast feedback for any questions in 24 hours; @ Sourcing consultant of tapes made in China.

What does HUGGINGTAPE/ROBINXU produce?

1. For Electrical Insulation: UL approval Electrical Insulation Tapes (Glass cloth tape, Mylar tape, Filament tape, Polyimide tape, Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape, Nomex Tape) on behalf of only top Chinese factories' overseas business marketing team at the producer-selling price.

2. For Cables: BS6387CWZ approval and Patented Flame Retardant Cable Tapes (Ceramic Mica Tape, Ceramic Fiberglass Tape, Super Mica Tape) at factory price. New surprising Cable Tape, 1 layer works well as 2 layers of traditional mica tape, help cable companies cost down on material and performance.

3. For Masking: First-class Surface Finishing Protection Tapes (220C Green PET powder coating masking tape, 150C Crepe painting tape, 260C Polyimide tape, 280C Glass cloth sand-blasting tape, UV-resistant paper tape, Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape, Cover Masking Film & Kraft Paper).

Besides the above-mentioned tapes, Huggingtape/Robin XU is also glad to introduce producers of other tape-related products when you need, such as Adhesive Tape Dispensers, Tape Cutting Machine, Tape Slitting Machine, Tape Rewinding Machine, Die Cutting Machine, other kinds of Industrial Tapes or DIY Tapes. We believe that mutual help can make Tape-world better.

In a word, HUGGINGTAPE is on behalf of Top Chinese Adhesive Tape Factories' Overseas Business Development, offering Factory Price, providing Service from Producer. Service, Stable Super Quality Products & Reasonable Price are the three key factors why our partners choose us. We hope our solution & support to partners exceeds their expectation.


HUGGINGTAPE/ROBINXU, a Reliable Adhesive Tape Provider from China with 15+ years experience, helps you import industrial tape top efficiently. Welcome to visit our productions in China. For any discussions, please contact us in the following ways:

www.tapefamily.com www.huggingtape.com  www.tapexports.com


0086 138 1822 4559 (phone, Whatsapp, Wechat) 

robinxutape (skype).