As a professional Solution Provider of industrial adhesive tapes, Huggingtape prefers to define us as a Service Provider, but not only a tape exporter. Therefore, we devote ourselves to solving any blocks that customers meet when they are going to import or look for any adhesive tapes. When customers come to us, we will provide the following key services enthusiastically.

◆ TFtapes – by sales

We export adhesive tapes by our company with import & export license.

All adhesive tapes we export are mostly compared and decided, with quite unique features comparing with other players.

Any shipment way is available, such as EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.

Fast delivery in 1~3 weeks usually.

USD, EUR, and RMB are all acceptable to deal with payments.

Satisfied service to all projects in a circle.

◆ TFmachines – as additional service

We know who makes reliable machines for producing adhesive tapes in China, such as rewinding machines, sitting machines, cutting machines, die-cutting machines, tape dispensers, etc. When you need to import tape related machines from China, we will help introduce relative producers to you, help you communicate with them for any things from start to each step you need us to be involved. For such service, you only pay us little commission or even free as it is an additional service to help customers get tape-related products easily and efficiently with us.

◆ TFsourcings – by consultant service

More and more overseas customers hope to have deeper cooperation with exporters, besides getting the right tapes from China, they also want to know who makes, why this producer is better than other suppliers. They not only want to know their decided producer but also want to know other suppliers much more for better marketing competition.

In this way, we provide such service as TFsourcings. You appoint us Huggingtape of TapeFamily as your representative in China even Asia, we help you do a market survey, listing the major players of your required tapes to you with their key features, prices, lead time, terms of payment, etc. Help you visit plants to check their production and management quality, follow up with their production updating, deal with your combination shipments from different suppliers, help communicate with suppliers if you have any claim, and anything else you need us to help you do.

All business info is open to you, you only need to pay us by a consultant cost at USD70/hour, or at USD2000/month (less than 30 hours/month).

Small cost to you, but an open window to understand the supplying market to enhance your competition ability comparing with your local competitors.