TapeFamily has concentrated on the following strengths to be different.

To product itself:

We supply special, unique tapes besides standard adhesive tapes, many of them have UL certifications.

◆ For each main tape we export, we know the most producers of them with their own different advantages and disadvantages. In this case, we could help customers choose the right tape they want efficiently.

◆ Full set to some adhesive tapes for one-stop service to customers, such as the whole glass cloth tape family, including silicone glass cloth tape, rubber glass cloth tape, acrylic glass cloth tape, and double-sided glass cloth.

◆ Unique tapes we source and make as our hot tapes, such as our ceramic coated mica tape, it works as flame-resistant tape to cable, whose 1 layer could replace 2 layers of traditional mica tapes, helping customers cost down and better for strict flame retardant cable designs.

◆ Our filament tape is quite unique and works well for oil transformer insulation.

◆ Our polyester powder coating masking tapes could be 1280mm wide for meeting more and more project demands.

◆ Our splicing tape set has kraft tape for bottom connection and red polyester tape for topside connection to synthetic leather and artificial leather producing.

◆ Our aramid paper tape works well and acrylic polyester tape is hot required for high-level projects.

◆ We will not stop providing unique adhesive tapes to overseas customers all the time. Behind each unique feature is the incredible energy and effort we have paid to.

To service besides products:

Products are the basic factor for us to survive, service is the other factor we work at adding it to products as another important part of a complete product.

◆ Be your solution provider, getting a one-stop service from us.

◆ Try to be your top quickest reply supplier.

◆ Soon delivery time in 1-3 weeks for any quantity orders.

◆ Reasonable pricing (factory-selling price) on qualified products and satisfing service.

◆ Try best to work with you on special requests about labels, prints, cores, cartons, pallets, length, etc.