Rubber PVC Masking Tape

Rubber PVC Masking Tape

Item: TFPVCT-268-RB
Rubber coated vinyl PVC tape for 150℃ paint masking.
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Product Details

1. Product Description

Rubber PVC masking tape TFPVCT-268-RB is made of premium grade soft PVC film as base material and coated with strong rubber adhesive. It is flexible, and adheres to wide variety of surfaces under high temperature with high conformability. Leaves no residue after removing. Good aging resistance and sunlight resistance to short-term aging.

2. Application

High temperature resistant, be used in the 150℃/1hour painting masking surface protection into car industry and construction related works such as painting job and marking.

Used for sheltering on painting and plastic work.

Used for repairing, marking, protection and maintenance.

Used for protecting for various materials like stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, etc. during processing, transporting and storage.

3. Technical Data





Base Material

PVC Film


Natural Rubber

Total Thickness



55M±0.5m (Standard)


From 9mm to 1250mm (±0.3mm)

Tensile Strength


Elongation at break


Adhesion Strength to Steel

6.5N/25mm (Average)

Adhesion Strength to Backing

6.75N/25mm (Average)

Temperature Resistance

150℃ - 1 Hour

4Storage Condition

Keep in dry and clean place, under normal temperature at 5℃~30℃.

Shelf life is 12 months after production date.

5Special notes


Lead Time: 4-6 weeks


Sample: free sample for small rolls, freight collect.

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