Polyester Film Splicing Tape

Item: TFPET-2585-SC
Polyester film tape for high temperature splicing to paper, film.
Special release treatment on backing film to match synthetic leather production process.

Product Details

1.Product Description

Polyester tape TFPET-2585-SC is a red special high temperature resistant splicing tape for synthetic leather and artificial leather production.

It is made of high quality with low shrinkage rate polyester film as base material (backing) and special treated silicone as coated adhesive. Whose back film is specially release coated to release easily the materials sticking on its surface while producing synthetic leather and artificial leather, so that it could be easily removed from the leather, and could be reused for several times.

It is of high tack and strong adhesion strength to stick the casting paper. Its high temperature resistant is at 200℃ for 1 hour. Chemical resistant as well.


2. Application

It is a special high temperature polyester tape with release treatment on its back film, widely used to splice the topside of casting paper (release paper) while producing synthetic leather and artificial leather at about 200℃ for 1 hour.

Could replace the traditional black polyester splicing tape with silicone adhesion originally from Europe.

Suggest using it together with our kraft splicing tape TFKRFT-017-AR.


3. Advantage

√ Stable quality, exporting worldwide for more than 10 years;

√ Reasonable price to distributors and end users;

√ Guaranteed lead time

√ Professional customer service


4. Technical Data





Base Material

Polyester film (0.025mm, with low shrinkage)


Silicone (0.060mm)

Total Thickness



33M / 66M ±0.5m


50mm / 500mm ±0.3mm

Adhesion Strength

8.5N/25mm (Average)

Temperature Resistance

200℃ / 60 minutes


5Storage Condition

Keep in dry and clean place, under normal temperature at 15℃~30℃.

Shelf life is 12 months after production date.



Sample: Free sample for 1 roll of 50mm, freight collect.

MOQ: 10 rolls of 50mm, or 1 roll of 500mm.

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